Monday, March 1, 2010

Organized Mess

Ever heard of the Free Association technique? Well, it’s a very simple activity of spontaneously expressing our thoughts or ideas, in which each one is allowed to lead to or suggest the next. We usually do it with single words (e.g., Red --> Apple --> Fuji--> Japan, and so on), but mine’s a longer version. It’s a really fun psychological exercise. It allows one to explore the unconscious, and at the same, it’s a good way of working out those brain cells. By the way, thanks to Encarta Encyclopedia for that definition. Now lemme start from that…

1. I love Encarta. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve always been a scavenger of all sorts of information, and Encarta is just one of those that can appease that vicious hunger of mine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain everything I need to know. Thank goodness there’s Wikipedia.

2. I’m proud to announce that I contributed something for Wikipedia! Haha! So I was leisurely reading through some information about my school and I noticed that the list of publications in the institution is incomplete. The missing link happened to be my department’s periodical. So like an overexcited imp, I immediately clicked on the “Edit” button and started typing. Sounds superficial, but it was a great feeling for me. You only have a few chances in life and once you had one, just embrace it fully.

3. I’ve not totally liked the film One More Chance and I don’t know why. They say it’s the best John Lloyd-Bea movie to date, but for me, Close To You remains as my favorite. And I hate to admit that I’m considering watching I Miss You Like Crazy. Fudge. Do I have an unconscious obsession for JL and Bea? And I thought I despise JL, for some reason. Insecure? LOL. But I like him when he performs with the Kanto Boys, though.

4. I love the Backstreet Boys. They’re simply the BEST. BOY. BAND. EVER. I remember I was first year high school when one of my friends ridiculed me in front of another friend just because I enjoy listening to boy bands. Then yesterday while I was checking on my Facebook account, I saw a wall post from him saying, “BSB hangover! I’m currently listening to their old songs, hehe.” Friggin’ hypocrite.

5. I believe I’ve already flayed Jejomar Binay for his hypocrisy. That bastard, criticizing Bayani Fernando’s posters late last year, saying it was a form of premature campaigning. But look who’s got his TV ads running way before the campaign period starts. Seriously, that guy doesn’t deserve to win.

6. Talk about winning, I’m suddenly reminded of Ana Ivanovic. Thanks to those who voted and for those who haven’t yet, kindly check out my previous post. Your efforts will be well appreciated. Hope she does well not only in FHM but in her professional competitions as well.

7. Another competition that I’m so absorbed is American Idol. Some say that this season is the weakest but it doesn’t matter. I love Didi Benami! Her style reminds me so much of Megan Corkrey’s. I wonder what’s up with her lately. Need to check on her.

8. I’m currently cyber-stalking Kim Yu-Na, that lovely figure skater from South Korea who won the gold medal in this year’s Winter Olympics. I love skating! I love winter! I love ice! I love South Korea! But I hate K-Pop. To death. Seriously, I am so fed up listening to them it makes me wanna barf.

9. Same thing with cakes. For the past six days, I had four more-than-enough servings of cake. Last Wednesday and Thursday, my good friends and I gorged over a half-roll cake from Goldilocks. And for the record, I did it with a different set of friends. And then yesterday, we celebrated my aunt’s birthday. And you guessed it right, more servings of cake for me. The fourth was today at breakfast. What a life.

10. Life is beautiful, don’t you agree?