Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Face-Off ver. 2 -- Bong VS Hayden

[Note: Nerdy portions ahead.]

Time for another head-to-head match-up! This time, between the honorable Bong Revilla Jr. and the 'perverted' Dr. Hayden Kho.

This is so ridiculous, seeing Revilla almost red-faced with anger, complaining about Kho's alleged disrespect for women. Bong Revilla -- the sublime womanizer. Funny. Allow me to use psychology on this one but I think Bong's in a compromise situation called 'reaction formation' -- disguising one's motivation and conflict by believing that the motive is exactly the opposite of his real motive (Gaerlan). In this case, it's Bong battling with Hayden's misconduct towards women because he, himself is trying to battle his own unconscious desires. Forgive me for the geeky-ness.

Here's my point, if Bong wants to cancel Haydens' license, then why is he not pleading for the lifetime banning of Ethel Booba. Criselda Volks, Mahal and all them others who have been in this sticky situation before? Why, because he's a doctor and he's supposed to be an educated and respected person? Ang mga artista ba hindi?

I also heard that Katrina Halili's got the support of the activist group Gabriella. OK, I get the point. Katrina is the wretched one. But isn't what she did morally unacceptable? She (flirted) with the doctor while he's still in a relationship, for crying out loud. And she must not dare say, "Tao lang po ako." She had her --here foes the nerdy part again-- superego at the back of her mind but she let her id impulses overwhelm her. Hope you got that.

Say hello Absurdity.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kris VS Adam: The Face-Off

The votes have been cast and the competition had come down to the final two – Kris Allen, the underdog, and Adam Lambert, the drag queen. LOL. Seriously, I don’t think there’s any competition tougher than this (maybe even tougher than the Davids’ duel). So who do I think has the upper hand? Here’s my head-to-head match-up of the two:

STRENGTHS: undoubtedly the best vocalist and the most confident performer on stage. Years of experience in the theater made him a seasoned talent on stage that he can eat Kris alive once he steps on the platform. He can interpret songs with authority and are uniquely Adam. He has had some of the best moments in the season, which includes Simon giving him an unexpected standing O. And he has this charisma that endears him to the viewers, making it easy for him to dig up throngs of fans.
WEAKNESSES: Weeks of watching him do the stuff he does make him predictable and almost boring. Sometimes unpredictability is so predictable, especially for him. Personally, I’m not a fan of his genre. I don’t think it’s marketable enough to make him last in the business. Besides, I’m not sure if I can last listening to his ear-splitting future album. And read: THEATRICAL. Which is quite unusual, seeing a ‘rock god’ (and I quote Kara) performing that way on stage.

STRENGTHS: Let’s go with the evident – good-looking. It’s obviously the first thing that people noticed and liked about him. He’s very cool to watch on stage; he quickly developed his confidence on the course of the competition. Like Adam, he’s had some of the best moments in the season, thanks to his genuine ad brilliant song interpretations (Heartless remians the best, so far). His big advantage is that his sound is much more relevant and marketable, which I think is more appealing to the younger viewers.
WEAKNESSES: comparing to Adam’s strengths, he’s a mere second placer.

At first, it’s painless to say that Adam is the top dog coming into the finale. But the show’s too fickle to be predictable. Anything could happen. A big part of the results will depend on the comments of Simon (admit it, he’s always right). Either he’ll pimp Adam up or use reverse psychology like he did to Cook. There’s also a big possibility that Gokey’s equally large fan base would start supporting Kris. And common, only one million votes separate the two. How exciting could that be?

And yes, my Nostradamic powers proved me right once again as two of my predictions came true: First, that the winner will be a guy (biologically speaking, he-he), and his name will start with the letter ‘A’ (Adam or Allen). Humirit pa talaga ako.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ah, My Goddesses! -- Hottest Tennis Players

Iv'e always had a notion that tennis players are the closest thing to heaven on earth. They're pretty, they hit hard, and they are red flamin' hot. So here's my own list of the hottest tennis players. Enjoy!

7. Elena Dementieva

6. Nicole Vaidisova

5. Maria Kirilenko

4. Dominika Cibulkova

3. Maria Sharapova

2. Daniel Hantuchova

The hottest player EVER to walk on court. Sigh. I wanna fly to Paris now to watch her defend her French Open title. This is addiction.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Letter from Someone I Call 'Special'


How are you?

Funny that we always see each other everyday but I never get to ask you this simple question.

So, how are you?

I know you’re too busy with your summer job right now, leaving us with less time to talk and keep in touch with each other. Not that we have plenty of time before.

So when was the last time that we actually sit and bonded? I remember you were still in grades school then. You were very enthused about sharing your day in school. But how come everything changed when you reached high school? You became so aloof to the family. You were always locked up in you room. You rarely talked about your day in school unless we ask you. We don’ even know who your friends are. And you were the most hot-tempered person I know. There was a time when your father was teasing and tickling you and you reacted violently to that, smashing your cell phone on the floor. Naglalambing lang young tao.

But you’re not the only one at fault, though. I personally have a lot of shortcomings as well. I’m sorry if I always check on you. You can’t take that away from me. I’m your parent, and sorry if I’m a big time worrier. I’m sorry if I sometime fail to wake you up in the morning and if I sometimes ask you to take care of me. You know how bad my hypertension is. I hope I’m being a burden to you. I hope you’ understand tough that I’ve been a parent only once. I may be old, but I don’t know everything.

I miss you son. I miss your wacky stories. I miss your innocent smile. I miss your boisterous laugh. I miss you. Badly.

Well, this getting so melodramatic now. Anyway, you promised to buy me a cake for Mother’s Day. I’ll be waiting for that.


[Ayan, Ma, I put myself in your shoes. Now I understand better. Happy Mother's Day Mama! At para na rin sa lahat ng dakilang mga ina s buong mundo.]


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ako Mismo

“Ayoko ko nang mag-reklamo.”

Yan ang mga linyang tumatak sa akin sa ad ng
AkoMismo.Org . Sa maraming dahilan, perpekto ang linyang ‘to para sa’kin.

Hindi sapat na umpo lamang sa iasang tabi at hintayin ang pagbabago. Hindi rin sapat na lumabas lamang sa ga lansangan at sumigaw. walang magagawa ang pag-re-reklamo. Hindi hinihingi ang pagbabago, ginagawa. At hindi dapat gawin ng iilan lang, pero ng lahat.

Nasa sa’tin na mismo ang pagbabago. Nasa kamay mo. Nasa kamay ko. Ako mismo ang gagawa ng pagbabago.

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AkoMismo.Org .