Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Face-Off ver. 2 -- Bong VS Hayden

[Note: Nerdy portions ahead.]

Time for another head-to-head match-up! This time, between the honorable Bong Revilla Jr. and the 'perverted' Dr. Hayden Kho.

This is so ridiculous, seeing Revilla almost red-faced with anger, complaining about Kho's alleged disrespect for women. Bong Revilla -- the sublime womanizer. Funny. Allow me to use psychology on this one but I think Bong's in a compromise situation called 'reaction formation' -- disguising one's motivation and conflict by believing that the motive is exactly the opposite of his real motive (Gaerlan). In this case, it's Bong battling with Hayden's misconduct towards women because he, himself is trying to battle his own unconscious desires. Forgive me for the geeky-ness.

Here's my point, if Bong wants to cancel Haydens' license, then why is he not pleading for the lifetime banning of Ethel Booba. Criselda Volks, Mahal and all them others who have been in this sticky situation before? Why, because he's a doctor and he's supposed to be an educated and respected person? Ang mga artista ba hindi?

I also heard that Katrina Halili's got the support of the activist group Gabriella. OK, I get the point. Katrina is the wretched one. But isn't what she did morally unacceptable? She (flirted) with the doctor while he's still in a relationship, for crying out loud. And she must not dare say, "Tao lang po ako." She had her --here foes the nerdy part again-- superego at the back of her mind but she let her id impulses overwhelm her. Hope you got that.

Say hello Absurdity.


I am Xprosaic said...

O dahil nerdy issue ito..patulan ko na! jowk! hahahhahahahah... joke lang... nyway, ang sa akin lang... Wag na tayo magmalinis.. halos lahat tayo may kanya kanyang sikreto nagkataon lang na yung sa kanila medyo nakalat lang... yung sa pagkumpiska ng lisensiya... di ko alam kung pwd grounds ang immorality... unprofessional baka pwede pa... pero mahirap din yan patunayan men... kasi nangyari naman yan sa kwarto at hindi sa public... nagkataon lang na aside sa kanila dalawa eh may camera na kasama...jijijijiji... bahala na sila buhay nila yan... di naman ako yayaman sa balitang ganyan... jijijiji.. di rin naman uunlad ang bansa sa issue na yan jijijiji.... oopppsss dami q na nasabi...hanggang dito na lang men...jijijiji

Leomar said...

Is the good senator running for reelection? Curious lang hehehe. Masyado syang maraming sinasakyang issue e.

gillboard said...

may kasabihan kasi na ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa niya magnanakaw...

Badong said...


haha. Oo nga. Dagdag stress lang sila. Wala lang akong mapatulan. Hehe


hmm. Di ko rin sigurado, pero ang alam ko nakakainis siya.

Badong said...


haha.. oo nga. yun na yun e

Snow said...

I want Haydhen Kho face the consequences of not respecting women. Tanggalan ng license at ipakain sa malalaking ants! ~_~

Mokong™ said...

inggit lang si senator..kasi babaero rin sya..insecure lang yun..kasi hindi nya kayang gawin yung bagay na iyon..hahaha..
have u watch the latest Hayden scandel? the sex vid with modess commercial model MAricar Reyes? Watched it already..nai-download ko pa..hahaha..pervert!

Nebz said...

My sentiments exactly!

Eleksyon e. Kaya super grandstanding.

I actually have nothing good to say to any of the characters in this issue (kahit pa kay Belo).

Badong said...


yes! he deserves it. THEY all deserve it. Hehe


hidni ko pa napapanood! Wala akong mahanap na video! Pahiram! Haha


tumpak! Kahit yung sa issue kay Alec Baldwin napaka-grandstander niya.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with every word on this post Badong.

it distresses me that our law-makers waste time over this when the country clings at every string of hope to recover from the dumps.

Badong said...


tama!tama! kelan ba magbaabgo tong mga taong to? or i thinkthe better question is, kelan ba TAYO magabaago?

robnuguid14 said...

I agree. We have the same opinion on this issue. Sabi nga ni Bro (ayon kay Santino):
"Kung sino ang walang kasalanan, siya ang unang bumato!"

Anonymous said...

hay... sarap naman talaga ilublob ni doc hayden sa kumukulong alcohol na may muriatic acid.

Desert Aquaforce said...

The issue is a media mileage for the chickboy senator... It's free ride!

Badong said...


I could not agree more! At talagang ang laking issue ito di ba? hehe

Roy said...

nice points your raised Badong ;)

first, I also believe that the doctor should be stripped of his license, not that he was really into practice.

pero hindi ko naman sinasabi na the great senator's intention is unquestionable, and I like your argument:

because he's a doctor and he's supposed to be an educated and respected person? Ang mga artista ba hindi?panalo! hehehe

Julehya said...

You nailed it on the head.I couldn't have articulated it much better.

I also agree with Solace. If our officials feed us this "komedya" in the face of issues confronting our country that truly needs attention, it is only because we allow them to.

Badong said...


maraming salamat sa mga comments niyo! Bisita ako sanyo mamaya. hehe

Snow said...

Hi Badong,

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Badong said...


it's very much ok. i think you deserve my vote. cheers!

Mac Callister said...

thats exactly what i have in mind!and bong revilla i think is just riding the issue for his own agenda!

Badong said...

exactly!everyone's riding on the issue to get a good exposure.

jan geronimo said...

Toink. Panis na yung issue bago ko nakasali dito. Bat naman kaya tatanggalan ng lisensya si Doc Hayden. Dapat pa ngang bigyan sya ng bagong diploma bilang sex guru. Ahahaha.

It's done in the privacy of one's room. Doc's room? It's unfortunate na lumabas ang video sa internet. Iyon ang habulin kung sino nagpakalat nun. Was it Doc Hayden? I think not. If he is bobo sya.

What we are in the privacy of our own homes, away from the public view, is our business. They maybe distasteful to others but that's just the nature of things. That's how we are as humans.

Sagad naman sa kabalustugan itong senador na ito. Napaka holier than you ng istilo. Nunca...wag na nga, tumataas high blood ko. One word for him: ipokrito.

Un lang. Thanks, Badong for giving space to my semi-rant. Ahahaha.

Badong said...

JAN GERONIMO: haha! oo nga medyo napahaba ang comment mo pero makabuluhan naman. and i couldn't agree more to what you said.

Nobe said...

may 20 pa ang post na ito pro nandito pa rin ang issue-ng ito. hindi talaga ito matatapos kahit kailan. naglolokohan lang silang lahat.

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