Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Rainy New Year's Eve

Oh yes, just a few hours from now before we bid adios to 2008 and officially welcome the new year! Hell yeah! This has been a wonderful year since a lot of memoraable things happened to me (e.g., I had my first job and I started blogging!). And what makes this year even more memorable is that we probably will have to celebrate the turn of the year with umbrellas on our heads. It's been friggin' raining since this morning! No wonder I wasn't woken up by the sound of our neighbor's firecrackers like the usual. But as of this moment, I can see a faint glow of sunlight breaking outside. Seems like my friends' 'Sun Dance' is working perfectly. Keep it up guys!

Friday, December 26, 2008

'Takipsilim': The Pinoy Version of 'Twilight'

To all Filipino Twilight fans out there. Did you know that there are rumors circulating around the Web about a Pinoy version of this frenzied novel? Seriously. According to my cousin, ABS-CBN was able to buy a franchise of it for a whopping US $ 1 million and the working title is, well, 'Takipsilim'. So creative! Duh. And guess what, Shaina Magdayao and Rayver Cruz will star as the lead casts. Kill me now, PLEASE!

So after the Filipino-translated Rihanna hit songs comes this awful idea of having a Filipino version of 'Twilight'. Good luck with that.

But if you want to express your rage about the idea, you are very much welcome to visit this link and make a petition!

Spread the word, guys! Stop this effin' madness NOW!

Here's a mock cover fans made for this silly bullcrap. Funny. Haha.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Twilight: Remix

Wow. It's been a long time since I sat on a swivel chair and poised my fingers on a keyboard. I've been soooo preoccupied lately with tons of school works especially rehearsing for our department's annual event called 'Bombshell of Talents' (pretty lame, huh?).

It's actually our section's first time to join the said event so we try to make it as flamboyant as possible. So incorporating all the talents that we have, our section decided to make a spoof of the ever-so-popular Twilight and named it, yes, it's on title, Twilight:Remix. And who else should play the role of Edward Pollen but yours truly, the one who brought the whole Twilight craze in school. Sucks. I'm really not a good actor on stage. Usually I'm the one who's behind the stage, either a script writer or a director. But I guess I now have to prepare myself to be thrown tomatoes on the face. Sigh. Anyway, it's really not that hard since my Isabella Kwan would be my close friend, Angelica. In school, we're like the co-ed Jose and Wally, so we'll just try our best to make this farce an even farcical one.

Wish me luck, guys!

Monday, December 1, 2008

And the Race is Down to Three

Oh, what a heartbreak loss! Just when everybody predicted who will be the top three teams to race for the million came an unexpected setback from the mother-and-son tandem of Toni and Dallas. Cruel. They're actually my favorite team this season; such a humble pair. But good stuff doesn't always go along good people. Oh, well.

Now we're left with three of the most irritating teams: Nick and Starr; Dan and Andrew and; Ken and Tina. They're such a pain in the ass especially the exceedingly self-righteous Tina. This is such a weak season.

So who do you think will win the race? I hope it's not Nick and Starr. I don't know. I just don't like their tandem. Dan and Andrew? Uhm... Well, right now, I'm actually rooting for Ken and Tina, no matter how irritating the woman is. I just don't like Nick and Starr, that is.