Sunday, December 14, 2008

Twilight: Remix

Wow. It's been a long time since I sat on a swivel chair and poised my fingers on a keyboard. I've been soooo preoccupied lately with tons of school works especially rehearsing for our department's annual event called 'Bombshell of Talents' (pretty lame, huh?).

It's actually our section's first time to join the said event so we try to make it as flamboyant as possible. So incorporating all the talents that we have, our section decided to make a spoof of the ever-so-popular Twilight and named it, yes, it's on title, Twilight:Remix. And who else should play the role of Edward Pollen but yours truly, the one who brought the whole Twilight craze in school. Sucks. I'm really not a good actor on stage. Usually I'm the one who's behind the stage, either a script writer or a director. But I guess I now have to prepare myself to be thrown tomatoes on the face. Sigh. Anyway, it's really not that hard since my Isabella Kwan would be my close friend, Angelica. In school, we're like the co-ed Jose and Wally, so we'll just try our best to make this farce an even farcical one.

Wish me luck, guys!