Monday, March 1, 2010

Organized Mess

Ever heard of the Free Association technique? Well, it’s a very simple activity of spontaneously expressing our thoughts or ideas, in which each one is allowed to lead to or suggest the next. We usually do it with single words (e.g., Red --> Apple --> Fuji--> Japan, and so on), but mine’s a longer version. It’s a really fun psychological exercise. It allows one to explore the unconscious, and at the same, it’s a good way of working out those brain cells. By the way, thanks to Encarta Encyclopedia for that definition. Now lemme start from that…

1. I love Encarta. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve always been a scavenger of all sorts of information, and Encarta is just one of those that can appease that vicious hunger of mine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain everything I need to know. Thank goodness there’s Wikipedia.

2. I’m proud to announce that I contributed something for Wikipedia! Haha! So I was leisurely reading through some information about my school and I noticed that the list of publications in the institution is incomplete. The missing link happened to be my department’s periodical. So like an overexcited imp, I immediately clicked on the “Edit” button and started typing. Sounds superficial, but it was a great feeling for me. You only have a few chances in life and once you had one, just embrace it fully.

3. I’ve not totally liked the film One More Chance and I don’t know why. They say it’s the best John Lloyd-Bea movie to date, but for me, Close To You remains as my favorite. And I hate to admit that I’m considering watching I Miss You Like Crazy. Fudge. Do I have an unconscious obsession for JL and Bea? And I thought I despise JL, for some reason. Insecure? LOL. But I like him when he performs with the Kanto Boys, though.

4. I love the Backstreet Boys. They’re simply the BEST. BOY. BAND. EVER. I remember I was first year high school when one of my friends ridiculed me in front of another friend just because I enjoy listening to boy bands. Then yesterday while I was checking on my Facebook account, I saw a wall post from him saying, “BSB hangover! I’m currently listening to their old songs, hehe.” Friggin’ hypocrite.

5. I believe I’ve already flayed Jejomar Binay for his hypocrisy. That bastard, criticizing Bayani Fernando’s posters late last year, saying it was a form of premature campaigning. But look who’s got his TV ads running way before the campaign period starts. Seriously, that guy doesn’t deserve to win.

6. Talk about winning, I’m suddenly reminded of Ana Ivanovic. Thanks to those who voted and for those who haven’t yet, kindly check out my previous post. Your efforts will be well appreciated. Hope she does well not only in FHM but in her professional competitions as well.

7. Another competition that I’m so absorbed is American Idol. Some say that this season is the weakest but it doesn’t matter. I love Didi Benami! Her style reminds me so much of Megan Corkrey’s. I wonder what’s up with her lately. Need to check on her.

8. I’m currently cyber-stalking Kim Yu-Na, that lovely figure skater from South Korea who won the gold medal in this year’s Winter Olympics. I love skating! I love winter! I love ice! I love South Korea! But I hate K-Pop. To death. Seriously, I am so fed up listening to them it makes me wanna barf.

9. Same thing with cakes. For the past six days, I had four more-than-enough servings of cake. Last Wednesday and Thursday, my good friends and I gorged over a half-roll cake from Goldilocks. And for the record, I did it with a different set of friends. And then yesterday, we celebrated my aunt’s birthday. And you guessed it right, more servings of cake for me. The fourth was today at breakfast. What a life.

10. Life is beautiful, don’t you agree?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Need Help. Srsly.

Just need to say this real quick. Please, please do vote for this gorgeous goddess right here in FHM’s top 100 sexiest women in the world. By the way, her name’s Ana Ivanovic, lest you don’t know. I could go all day praising her divine beauty and immaculate body, but it is also important to take note that this lady of near perfection is a well-loved humanitarian. She’s in fact UNICEF’s ambassador for Serbia. Clearly, her beauty emanates from the inside out. So go ahead and vote! It only takes two clicks. You can see her profile and cast your votes by clicking this . Common, guys!

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated .

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sorry, I Love You

I’m sorry.

There, I said it. Again.

Do you even remember how many times I have uttered those words to you? Yeah, I know, it’s just too numerous to mention one by one. Countless as the stars they are, but you know them all. And you know the odd thing about you? You ALWAYS forgive me. It doesn’t matter how little or how monstrous my shortcomings are. I even denied you before, remember? But it seemed so insignificant to you. You are always there, waiting. Waiting for me to turn to you. You’re just unbelievable, really.

Your love and kindness simply emanates in everything around me. Yet I always break your heart. And you know how many times I cried because of that. Yes, I did cry A LOT because of you. But the amount of teardrops I shed cannot seem to drown my transgressions away. I always lose myself. I always forget about you. In my mind there is this enduring battle between knowing what’s right and doing the opposite. I cannot seem to win.

And I know that you know how my guilty conscience eats me up big time. Ever since I’ve truly known you, I realized my ‘guilt meter’ is always on a high. It sucks, you know. Of all the feelings in the world, it’s the one I hate most — being guilty about you. Yet why do I always hurt you? Why do I always fail you? It’s making me mad. And heck, you are still so crazy about me it’s so mind-boggling. I’m not even deserving.

I love you. I am truly, madly, deeply, crazily, deliriously in love with you. Help me become a better me. Help me, please.

Again, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. My God, please forgive me.

P.S. And really, I’m sorry for not using capital Y all throughout this article or else my readers would immediately recognize I’m talking to You. Er, it’s the surprise factor, as you probably know.

P.S. 2. Happy Valentine’s Day lovely peeps!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I don’t know if I said this already but, I love Titanic. Like, it’s my favorite film of ALL TIME (don’t ask me why, I really don’t know either).

Unless you live in a far-flung planet like Pandora, you’d know that it is also the highest grossing film of ALL TIME. At $ 1.8B, the movie has been standing loftily at the top of the rankings for 13 friggin’ years. It seemed unsinkable there. The closest competition was The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King at $ 1.119B. It’s not even close, really. And then came Avatar.

I’ve never been a fanatic of sci-fi which explains the lack of zest for this James Cameron blockbuster. Then one day, one friend nudged me and said, “Uy, malapit na raw ma-beat ng Avatar yung record ng Titanic, ah!” I was like, “No way!”

So I researched about it, and found out that Avatar is only a little over the 1 billion mark. I heaved a sigh of relief but then I realized it was just three weeks after its release. Holy crap [and as of this writing, it has garnered a mind-blowing $ 1.6B gross. And it’s not even released in other parts of the world yet!]

Trying to kill my curiosity, I borrowed a (take note) Blu-ray DVD from my cousin and watched it. Surprised myself, I kinda liked it. No, I totally liked it. It was highly imaginative with a very good mix of drama and adventure though I wasn’t really crazy about the plot. And for 162 minutes or so, I swear I had a massive loathing for blue, my favorite color. Nevertheless, it stopped me from questioning the success of the film. But it is still far from toppling Titanic at the summit of my list.

So why am I writing this? Wala lang. Mahirap lang sigurong tanggapin ang katotohanan na may bagay na hindi kayang maiiwasan. Na mayroon at mayroong hihigit pa sa bagay na pinaka-natatangi sa’yo.

OK, for a follow-up prediction: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (either the first or the second part) WILL be the next highest grossing film of all time. Mark my words.


At para naman magkaroon ng relasyon sa title yung post ko, eto ang isang awitin mula sa Switchfoot. I love this song. Dapat ikaw rin.

[I just checked now (Jan 26, 2010) and it's official -- Avatar is now the highest grossing film of all time. Haay buhay.]

Monday, January 11, 2010


I could’ve been graduating with honors. If not for that solitary 2.75 grade I received, I could’ve been marching down with a medal wrapped around my neck.

I was first year then. And a lost soul was I. I was still on that phase where having a firm conviction about one’s self if a rarity, where conforming begets acceptance, where being radical is kewl, where not being good is better.

I didn’t want to take school that seriously. For me, being GC (grade conscious) sounds cheesy. Having my high school motto, “Grades do not measure intelligence” encrusted upon my chest, I decided to live my college life in the most carefree manner as possible.

When Demand Exceeds Supply

I hated my Economics in college. It’s not the subject per se; the abhorrence emanates more from the professor than any other. She was old, batty, balding, and inconsiderate and a worshipper of the numbers 3 and 5. She will trample you with tons of requirements yet you barely understand what she teaches (if she does). She was so full of demands that my supply of patience went zero.

I put up a silent rebellion against her. I never recited. I slept in her class. I passed hastily done assignments. I cursed her every time her shadow crosses our room. I hated her. Then she gave me a 2. 75. I cursed her once more.

It took time before I realized what that grade means – adios Mr. cum laude. I know I could’ve done better than to rant about her. But I didn’t do it. Had I not blew my cool I wouldn’t be feeling sorry for myself. But heck, it’s time to move on now. I really wanted to say more about this but I guess I’ll just let it be this way.

Indeed, grades don’t always measure intelligence but they reflect one’s discipline.

[Mega thanks to Aneng for the inspiration for this post.]

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Predictions

This is a revelation: I am a seer. Yes, I possess powers normal beings fail to have: ESP. You know those instances when a vivid picture of a situation suddenly flashed in your mind and right then and there, as if on cue, it happens? Or a sudden surge of instinct tells you what card will be dealt next while playing tong-its? I have those. Most of the time.

And now another year has just kicked off, my mind started barfing visions of the events that will transpire in the next 365 and ¼ days. Here are my startling predictions:

1. Marian Rivera will be dumb (as in mute).
2. There will be an antidote for MELASON (yes, I’m a KJ).
3. Aljur and Kris will finally learn how to act.
4. The EB Babes will finally learn what synchronicity means (mind you, I like the EB Babes, hehe).
5. Manny Pacquiao will have a straight vision (I mean, you know, he’ll concentrate on boxing alone).
6. Ana Ivanovic will win a Grand Slam. <3
7. BF will be the next veep.
8. Jojo Binay will come out of the dark and will realize what hypocrisy means.
9. PGMA will fall in a manhole.
10. Manholes will fill the Palace.
11. Ladies who leave their hair untied while riding a jeepney will be burned at the stake.
12. Spitting in public will earn you a one-way ticket to Muntinlupa.
13. There will be no more pickpockets on footbridges.
14. People will learn how to dispose their trash properly.
15. There will be no more floods.
16. The Philippines will be a first world country.
17. Badong will soon find where his missing properties are.
18. Badong and his group will have passing marks in their thesis defense.
19. Badong’s thesis will be hailed as the most outstanding thesis in the land.
20. Badong will IMMEDIATELY find a job (after bumming for four months).
21. Badong will have lesser grammatical errors.
22. Badong will make it to the headlines (not as a criminal, hopefully).
23. Badong will lessen his parenthetical remarks (I’ll try).
24. Badong will not be corny (I’ll really try).
25. Badong will –

Fine! Fine! I’m a fraud. I’m no Nostradamus or a Madam Auring (thankfully). You can now stab me zealously. This article simply sprang forth because of the absurdity of the predictions from these self-proclaimed psychics I see on TV. Just consider this particular prediction: Prepare for an intensity 6 earthquake that will hit the Philippines especially the Metro Manila area during the third quarter of the year. Mmm-kay. PREPARE for an earthquake. That sounds practical. Should I tie our furniture items to the wall come July? Ridiculous.

This is a revelation: I am a liar. But call me a visionary instead.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

On Leave

First thing, I wanna greet you lovely people a belated Happy Christmas! The bountiful festivities had been overwhelming for me (especially my tummy) that I wasn’t able to respond to your thoughtful greetings. You guys rock.

Now, this post was totally unplanned. I was actually considering lengthening my hiatus up until the turn of the year but I deemed making one last entry to give credits to the year that has been (or at least in a few days time).

You see, this year has been totally AWESOME for me. I cannot point my finger on what made it so; it’s just that every aspect of my life had been simply…awesome. I cannot even remember the negatives that happened to me (save for that recent footbridge incident, but that was almost suppressed in my psyche).

But right now I wanna give some kudos to my new and enduring blogging friends. You know who you are, guys. Thank you for keeping up with this lousy blogger. Till next year!

At this point, let me be one of the first to say, “Happy New Year!”