Thursday, January 15, 2009

Four Studes Busted for Blogging

One benefit of blogging is that it serves as an avenue for the author's random rants, raves, thoughts and frustrations. Thru it, we can freely express almost everything that we want to say. Sadly, some poeple may have seemed to enjoy this freedom beyond their limits.

Lats night's late news said that four students from Quezon City Science High School got a 10-day suspension after criticizing their school's administration, especially thier principal. Taking the asssault too seriously, the mocked head mistress gave the students what she thinks they deserve.

Just a thought: I just noticed that, ironically, science high school students are in fact the ones who get involved in those explosive 'crimes'. Remember the mercurious nitrate poisoning in Philippine Science High School? Also, in my case, 6 of my batchmates from Marikina Science High School almost got expelled in our SENIOR YEAR after breaking certain laws. Interesting.

Going back, I completely understand the side of the offenders. I mean, we live in a society where freedom of expression is highly valued. Especially if you have the gift if the pen, you feel like you could easily express whatever's on your mind. And with the students' age where angst is overwhelming, doing somehting like what they did is not uncommon.

In fact, I also made an entry here expressing my rage and disappointment towards one of my professors. However, I did it with extreme cautiousness, refusing to name-drop at all. It's not that I'm scared that she'd read it ( I doubt that she reads blogs), but it's more of still respecting her as a person. It's enough for me to release the demon inside me without hurting anyone.

Still, it's a different story. But then again, we must remember: Indeed, writing is a freedom. But freedom IS responsibility.


Atif said...

Obviously everyone has freedom of speech, but they should use it wisely.

I wonder how the school officials got to know about the blog post.

Richard said...

I heard from the news that the 10 day suspension will no longer be enforced as of now since there will be a investigation that will be conducted by the DEPED if I'm not mistaken.

Mr. Wilson said...

freedom should really be used WISELY..

very well said Atif..

ESCUDERO said...

Hi - Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I wish you the best.

Winkii said...

hello. :)
dropped by..

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