Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Need Help. Srsly.

Just need to say this real quick. Please, please do vote for this gorgeous goddess right here in FHM’s top 100 sexiest women in the world. By the way, her name’s Ana Ivanovic, lest you don’t know. I could go all day praising her divine beauty and immaculate body, but it is also important to take note that this lady of near perfection is a well-loved humanitarian. She’s in fact UNICEF’s ambassador for Serbia. Clearly, her beauty emanates from the inside out. So go ahead and vote! It only takes two clicks. You can see her profile and cast your votes by clicking this . Common, guys!

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated .

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sorry, I Love You

I’m sorry.

There, I said it. Again.

Do you even remember how many times I have uttered those words to you? Yeah, I know, it’s just too numerous to mention one by one. Countless as the stars they are, but you know them all. And you know the odd thing about you? You ALWAYS forgive me. It doesn’t matter how little or how monstrous my shortcomings are. I even denied you before, remember? But it seemed so insignificant to you. You are always there, waiting. Waiting for me to turn to you. You’re just unbelievable, really.

Your love and kindness simply emanates in everything around me. Yet I always break your heart. And you know how many times I cried because of that. Yes, I did cry A LOT because of you. But the amount of teardrops I shed cannot seem to drown my transgressions away. I always lose myself. I always forget about you. In my mind there is this enduring battle between knowing what’s right and doing the opposite. I cannot seem to win.

And I know that you know how my guilty conscience eats me up big time. Ever since I’ve truly known you, I realized my ‘guilt meter’ is always on a high. It sucks, you know. Of all the feelings in the world, it’s the one I hate most — being guilty about you. Yet why do I always hurt you? Why do I always fail you? It’s making me mad. And heck, you are still so crazy about me it’s so mind-boggling. I’m not even deserving.

I love you. I am truly, madly, deeply, crazily, deliriously in love with you. Help me become a better me. Help me, please.

Again, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. My God, please forgive me.

P.S. And really, I’m sorry for not using capital Y all throughout this article or else my readers would immediately recognize I’m talking to You. Er, it’s the surprise factor, as you probably know.

P.S. 2. Happy Valentine’s Day lovely peeps!