Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For almost a month now, I’ve been drowning myself with songs from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Those are the songs that I grew up listening to as a kid. Songs that never fail to give me that poignant, nostalgic sensation that I’ve always loved.


Backstreet Boys, Westlife, M2M, Alanis Morissette, Steps, The Moffatts, Hansons, Joan Osborne, Oasis, Aqua, Switchfoot and a whole lot of them others keep on repeating in my playlist. What the heck happened to them? These dudes and dudettes remind me of the old times when all I have to care about is…now what did I care about when I was a child? TV? Ah, how I miss those days!

It’s really wonderful going back to those memories. Makes you laugh about the silly things you did before. And makes you laugh harder after realizing how sillier you’ve become. Truly, maturity doesn’t correlate to age.

So what’s the story behind the drama? Hmm, nothing really serious. It’s just my birthday. Yeah, I’m twenty. Two-Zero. Bente. I feel ancient.

But mind you, I’m not on Emo mode right now. Not even depressed. Why should I? It’s my friggin’ birthday! I guess I’m just starting to feel more like an adult now, though still not psychologically ripe. I simply feel like I really AM an adult! I feel like I should take charge, be more responsible for my life, not that I am not before. But my excursions to the past prove I’m not ready. Not yet.

Another cause could be the fact that in a few months now I will be – guess I’ve said this before – bidding adios to the portals of my alma mater. Graduation. Before, I’m scared of entering college. But now I don’t think I’m prepared enough to leave it. But that’s how life goes. Everything has to end. But as Semisonic puts it, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.” Brilliant. I can’t wait for that new beginning.

Alright! So much for the drama. Just want to extend my super thank you to my uber amazing friends who gave me the best surprise ever. You really got me in my most vulnerable. Fudge you guys. You’re the ‘awesomest’ creatures of all! And now time for my birthday cake!


vonfire said...

i love the 90's music! its my favorite time of the music scene, where alternative music is born!

am i late to greet u?...magkaganunpaman hapi bday! :D

♥superjaid♥ said...

me too, i love the songs from the 90's and 20's..may deep kasi unlike the songs now, puro basura..haha anyway, haypee haypee burdee kuya!at dahil birthday mo kakantahan kita..

Happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you..happy birthday,happy birthday..happy birthday to you..happy birthday kuya!Ü

pmm012 said...

uy, HABERDI! welcome to the the world of twenty-somethings. gracefully shed the things of youth but leave a portion of it just for sanity.. haha..

Mokong™ said...

i'm a 90's music guy..kapanahunan ko yan... lahat ng kanta magaganda...halos sikat na sikat pa ang MTV noon.. lahat ng video maganda...

deejay said...

haberdey badong! :P :P :P

ty-ager ka na. enjoy your 20s better than your teens. hehehe. :P :D

I am Xprosaic said...

hapi burpdei! o yan ah di ka na teenager! jijijijijiji

Vajarl said...

Haberdei! Magkaedad na tayo! Hahaha. Kungrechuleyshens! :)

Really, I miss Aqua too. And all those boy and girl bands which are perceived as idiotic by most pretentious people. Kamon, we all grew up listening to them. Mmmbop. Haha.

May good luck pass your way after graduation. I am still pissed that I don't have to go to school anymore. I miss having allowance everyday. Now I have to budget everything on my own. Sucker corporate monsters don't pay me enough.

Roy said...

you're 20 and you feel ancient?!

man, I must be close to extinction!


Happy Birthday Badong!

jan geronimo said...

"Makes you laugh about the silly things you did before. And makes you laugh harder after realizing how sillier you’ve become."

Great insight! Are you talking about me? lols

Birthdays make us reflect, Badongskie. Okay lang yan. That means you're using your head. Kasi nga may laman. Kung hindi, you'd feel none the wiser. Or puede namang you'd seek meaning in external signs, un mabababaw na selebrasyon ng right of passage.

At any point of our life we can't truly say na prepared na prepared tayo. It's enough na we have the proper mindset. Meron ka naman nun. You're equipped to do battle. The world is yours for the taking.

But for the meantime. Ilabas mo muna na ang cake. Kakantahan ka muna namin eh. Ahehehe.

Happy Birthday, my friend. Fudge you, too! :)

ceblogger said...

happy birthday! you're not a teenager anymore. in your teens, you'll miss your childhood. in your twenties, your teen years. welcome to the world of 20+ something. may you have many more birthdays to come.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm. ako din. malapit na birthday ko. though we're different. medyo emo ako ngayon. hahaha. :)
pero i hope (really really hope) that before my birthday, okay na ako. masaya na ako. :)
anyways, happy birthday and goodluck sa mga paparating na requirements sa nalalapit mong graduation. :)

siyetehan said...

hep! pi berdey!

bente ka (pa lang) na pala. malapit nang gumradweyt. malapit nang sumubok sa mas malalaking challenges and OPPORTUNITIES ng buhay.

mountain top experience said...

so love the 90's songs because this defines our generation.

boy bands and rock bands swarming the airwaves, ibang klase talaga.

happy birthday badong.

SCOFIELD JR. said...

way bak that 90 era, i was caught by the MMDA jailwalking along ayala blvd. corner taft ave. yung tawiran sa may PNU. the reason is, tumawid ako ng wala pang red ang stoplight and since i was listening to that HANSON album through my walkman, hindi ko nadinig ang tawag ng kaibigan ko. ang parusa ko... alam mo kung ano...sing the national anthem...langya e di ko pa naman memoryado ng walang kasabay...hindi ko natapos hangang mabuwisit yung MMDA enforcer, pinauwi n lang ako...hehehe.

la lang share ko lang coz of that 90's songs you said...anyweiz, WELCUM to real life, life that starts the real maturity...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO, wala ka bang request katulad ng kay kuya Jepoy?...heheheheh

Cocoy said...


Just passing by and greetings to everyone

I am Xprosaic said...

Maghanda ka naman... jijijijijiji... pahabol lang para sa bday mo... jijijijijiji

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Badong!

Ditto Roy. My sentiments exactly!

I soo envy you, Badong. You're blogging at 20! You're able to express yourself well at 20! You're full of dreams at 20!

Just imagine what else you can achieve when you reach my age! (At 21?! Echos).

Where was I at 20? Hmmm....listening to Sting. Go figure! (I said Sting, not The Police! Hehehe)

elmot said...

Damn! I am so late for greeting you bro...

hapi bende bendi!!!! paburjer?

I love those songs and artists too, though some of friends call me nuts for being a lover of boy bands and senti music.

...i don't care, eheheh!

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Welcome aboard Badong! Live your best life! love lots, Anufi

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