Sunday, November 2, 2008

Name Game

It’s been two years now since I last visited our departed loved ones. Aside from idleness, it’s probably because I like the idea of scaring myself out of my wits because I know I’ll be one of the few who will remain at home. Wonder why my parents tolerated this. He-he.

I do remember still, aside from scavenging semi-melted candle waxes and forming them into balls, one favorite activity my cousins and I usually do is rummaging through the entire cemetery, searching for the most ridiculous names there are.

It’s funny, looking back at those memories, but then again, I find myself guilt-stricken. I couldn’t believe I could make fun of people (dead people) because of the peculiarity of their names. Shame on me!

Perhaps the reason why I’ve acted like that is because, modesty aside, our family was blessed with a fine surname: Orleans (that’s French, btw he-he) But you know what’s funny? I’ve realized as I was writing that my family name is no less than unusual than the ones I make fun of. Search for it in the phone book and you will only find a handful.

Having a surname like ours (though not laughter provoking) also has its own downsides. One very common instance is when people moronically ask me whether I’ve got foreign roots or something. Duh. Do I look like I do? I don’t even have the fair skin to match. Half- Indian siguro pwede pa. besides, none of my family members knew where the hell we got that surname. LOL

Well, it just shows that, whenever you’re blessed with something, be it material things, looks or even a name, it is still best to keep your mouth shut.