Monday, October 27, 2008

Shirts of Pride

I've been really wanting to buy either a 3 Stars &a Sun or a Team Manila t-shirt for months now but I guess I have to sacrifice a little bit more since I definitely need a serious prioritizing of my expenditures. For those who don't know, those two brands I've mentioned are the 'in' thing right now for they produce shirts and other clothing items whose designs showcase the national emblems of the Philippines and everything that is Pinoy.

It's very amusing and undoubtedly uplifting seeing youngsters like me sporting these patriotic shirts. It's like showing to the whole world how proud you are of your own race; that being a Filipino is something to be grateful of.

I just hope that it goes beyond being just a fad. I hope that every Filipino who wears these clothes live up to what their shirts say. I hope that nationalism doesn't end in fashion, but with passion. The kind of passion that will eventually lead to the transformation of the society where we all exist.

"I am a [Filipino]. I am a HERO."