Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby Talks

So it was a boring Thursday night and I was scanning thru the channels of my newly fixed TV (Yey!) when I came across probably one of the most interesting episodes of Oprah. It was one of those replayed episodes shown on local TV here in the Philippines (I think it was originally aired November of last year). It features four incredible stories about life and science but what fascinated me most was their cover about this 'special baby language'.

The invited guest was Priscilla Dunstan, a woman who claims to have been blessed with a 'photographic memory' for sounds which she eventually used to develop her theory on baby language; that these angelic little creatures actually produce different sounds to relay various messages to people. Interesting.

My interest even went maximum when she discussed about the five general sounds that babies produce: the 'neh' sound which refers to hunger; the 'owh' sound which they make when they're tired and sleepy; the 'heh' sound which signals discomfort; the 'eair' sound for lower gas, &; the the 'eh' sound when they want to say, 'I wanna burp, Mom!'. They even showed super adorable babies making those actual sounds! I was soooo..amazed (it's an understatement)! My jaws were left hanging till the end of the entire segment. It was so unbelievable...but true.

I seriously want a baby now! LOL.