Friday, October 3, 2008

The Best Stress Reliever

Being a typical college student, it’s inevitable for me to be put under a lot of stress (especially during the last weeks of the term!). So, trying hard to avoid it, I tried every possible way that I know to do so: exercising in between breaks, listening to Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli all day, doing my own style of yoga. They help up to some extent. But just yesterday, amidst the pile of paper works scheduled to be finished, I, inadvertently, discovered the best stress reliever of all -- texting.

Ah yes, texting. The Philippines in fact has been dubbed as the texting capital of the world due to the millions of text messages being sent everyday. Many thanks to the Unlimited text service of local Telecom companies, all you need is at least 20 bucks worth of load and you’re off to send countless messages to anyone around the country.

However, I am not one of those who are so into this texting thing. I usually avail the Unlimited service once a week, typically when I have nothing else to do, very unlikely to many who avail it almost everyday. So it was quite surprising (for me and for my friends) that I was able to find time to reload in the middle of cramming. But what surprised me more is how I was able to find respite in this supposedly tedious and callusing effort. It became my instant Stresstabs. Just perfect.

But it is not texting per se that truly brings comfort, it’s merely a tool. What does the magic is COMMUNICATION. It brings this certain feeling that embraces you when you finally siphoned off all the demons rumbling inside you and knowing that there are persons ready to listen about your rants and frustrations about the world. When all the world is pressing you, it is gratifying to know that there’s someone who is willing to carry the burden with you.

O,h I love my friends! Even though they stress my fingers.