Thursday, October 9, 2008

An Open Letter to the Devil's Advocate

So it's Goodbye now for us. Finally.

I cannot say that time flies fast 'coz each class we have with you was dragging, every bit of second spent (wasted?) was sacrifice. Every time you enter the room you out us all in a defensive mode, anticipating the shrapnel-like tirades about our awful 'mistakes'. Mistakes that you just made all up. And if we ever have one, it's the only thing that you'd see.

Instead of providing us the essentials, you shower us your 'destructive criticisms', which will all boil down to one thing -- WE LEARN NOTHING. Heck, as if you teach us something.

You are the mother of ironies.
You regard yourself as a mentor yet you don't understand how we, students feel. You talk about Psychology yet you act as if you haven't got a speck of idea of how our minds work. So didn't learn anything now?

It's sad. 'Coz I give teachers (though you seriously don't deserve to be called such) my deepest admiration but knowing someone like you? I think i'll have a second thought in generalizing.

You are nothing. You impulsive, self-indulgent hag.