Saturday, October 11, 2008

Losing a Bestfriend

I went home today elated because it’s the last day of the semester only to find out one of the biggest upsets of my life: my TV broke down. I felt I could’ve died.
I know that it would happen anytime soon for it felt like it’s been suffering on its deathbed for weeks now. What I didn’t expect that it would happen this soon. I was just watching my favorite show last night but when I went up my room today, I couldn’t turn it on! Poor buddy, I should’ve brought you to our friendly technician the moment your symptoms appeared. I’m sorry.

I was totally devastated. It seemed like my whole world crumbled right before my very eyes. I didn’t realize till then how much of a couch potato I am. It felt like my life depended (almost) on my TV. My best techno buddy.

The good news is, he will be reincarnated by tomorrow. Good luck. See you soon, bud.