Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stressed Out

Ah, the hell weeks are back again. It's just a week to go before the end of the term but here we are still cramming and trying to accomplish a mountain pile of requirements.

For this week we've got a pre-final examination covering ALL of the topics that we've (or should have) learned, a research paper and a written report to submit. And adding to my burden are my *oh I don't wanna curse* group mates who are so cooperative that they could've just given me all the workload. And oh, I almost forgot, I still have to finish my Humanities notebook 'coz that's a big part of my final grade. Gosh, does our professor think he teaches high school students?

And of course, next week will be the time that I dread most. It's actually the most ironic week of all. At first, a feeling of excitement and relief will burgeon you 'coz obviously, it's the remaining days of the whole semester. But heck, imagine your last week jam-packed with 4 major examinations, 2 additional reports and another written report. How I envy the worms. I could've just died.

I've always believed that I have mastered the art of cramming back in high school (our batch had the reputation of cramming over almost everything). But I seriously got myself wron. College is a lot more seriuos business.

I badly need inspiration right now. Seriously.