Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Ol' Days

A few days from now our high school batch will be celebrating it's second grand reunion (Yep, that's how badly we miss each other.). Sadly (and quite despairingly), I won't be able to attend the event due to some friggin' school agendas. Besides, the reunion will be held in a bar and hell no do I drink. Also, most of my close friends can't go as well; can't risk being out-of-place in a sea of hard partying people. It's still sad, though. Big time. I really miss those guys. We shared a lot of memories (good and bad) with each other and I can just imagine the overflowing nostalgia and...joy as we relive those memories together. :(

Fast forward to 2021. So what would it be like 15 years after graduation? Probably most of us have a stable job and have established a family by then. Some might even be comfortably enjoying their position as a high-ranking official in a prestigious company (I'm probably one of them. LOL.). Maybe our reunion will now be held in a grand hotel with us wearing ties and gowns. That only means we have to excel and be well-established for us to attend the event. Because by that time, the reunion is not intended to celebrate but to intimidate. Sad.

I hope that won't happen to us.


South Park said...

Interesting. What we did during my high school silver anniversary homecoming was to invite all alumni including those who did not graduate but were classmates as well in elementary and high school.

An organizing committee was formed 3 years before the silver anniversary and activities were lined up (like a countdown to the silver jubilee) that made almost everyone, including those based abroad, participate.

Of course it is really inevitable that well-off batchmates would sound like braggarts. But why mind them if each of you guys' sole purpose is to see good ole friends, establish contacts and have a great time reminiscing the fun, fun years on high school.

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