Thursday, April 23, 2009

After the Day of the Earth

Just a few quick thoughts on yesterday's special day.

I sincerely applaud the various organizations and government units that are continuously spreading awareness all over the globe regarding the changing climate and the desolating natural environment. Go check
Greenpeace and EarthDay.Org and you will be overwhelmed by the myriad of activities, programs, news features and tips on how to save the ailing Mother Earth. The efforts are real and evident, but the results, I think, are barely tangible.

It’s given. People are aware, but the awareness seems to stick only on the mind, never reaching the affect. In simpler terms, people know what to do but they never do it by heart.

But I can’t blame them, though. There are a hell lot of issues that has to be thought of aside from being Captain Planet. Even I sometimes tend to have slips of mind and do things careless people do.

So how do we resolve the problem? I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t. Still, we can have Earth Hour everyday or Earth Day every week (or we can also have an Earth Month and an Earth Quarter and an Earth Year. :)) just as long as we put into our consciousness the things that must be done. Conscious effort, I think, is the key.

Sorry for posting this article yet not providing substantial solutions. Anyway, as what I learned from school, people (adults) learn better if they themselves think for themselves.

So what do you guys think?


I am Xprosaic said...

Ei pareng Badong! For me, it always starts from ourselves... Discipline in our own little ways... Someday, if everyone will cooperate, our "little" would accumulate and eventually we could make our world a better place to live...

Mokong™ said...

Badong... kahit naman walang earth day pwede nating i-save at mahalin kalikasan. Nagsisismula yan sa bawat isa. Save water, save electricity, garbage management sa loob pa lang ng bahay, at kahit maliit ng bagay na makakatulong sa kalikasan malaking tulong na iyon sa kanya.

Badong said...


Tama lahat ng mga sinabi niyo. Dpat talaga nagsisimula yansa bawat isa. ang concern ko lang, sana di tayo maklimot. Dapat isapuso natin angpagbabago.

bampiraako said...

Tama ka pareng badong. Hindi naman talaga kailangan ng ispesyal na araw para maging maalaga kay inang kalikasan.

Anonymous said...

Sinabi mo pa.

What do I think? Individual initiative and collective efforts. That's how we can save Planet Earth.

And yes too to Mokong. Kahit gaano pa kaliit ang efforts natin, malaking tulong na rin un if we do it collectively.

Badong said...


Salamat sa mga komento niyo. Let’s all hope for a better world. hehe

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