Saturday, April 4, 2009

Three Big Reasons Not to Watch American Idol

1. The show’s boring.

2. The show’s corrupt and biased.
3. There’s no more Megan. : (

First, I’d like to clarify that I am not sour graping about the latest results. Megan’s early departure was apparently anticipated by many so I practically prepared myself for it, refusing to read spoilers on the net.

Honestly, I’m starting to slightly lose interest on the show already. For some reason, I wouldn’t care much if Anoop gets eliminated next or if Gokey wins the whole thing. Everything is ‘Meh’ right now. Were the weekly themes plain boring? Were the contestants starting to get uninteresting? Two maybes.

Or maybe it was this feeling that I have that show’s outcome being perfectly weaved by the magic hands of the producers and judges. Go ahead Simon Fuller; let your British namesake dictate who will be in the final four. Fudge you. They could’ve saved Alexis before but for obvious reasons, they’re reserving that saving power either for Danny or Adam (I’m starting to be unappreciative about him as well). Sigh.

No wonder the show’s ratings continue to sag.

I told you I’m not sour graping.

I love you Megan! The character you showed last elimination night made me admire you more. You are very Megan-da inside and out. LOL.

Seriously, I will miss you.


Mokong™ said...

I agree you with pareng badong... nadiasmaya ako nung natanggal ang favorite ko sa season na meagan. Sana si Anoop na lang o kaya si scott ang natanggal, boring sila..pag sila na yung nagpe-perform sarap ilipat ng tv.
Here's my top 4 pick...
1. Meagan Joy Corkrey
2. Allison Iraheta
3. Danny Gokey
4. Kris Allen

I am Xprosaic said...

Hahahahhahaha pramis! hindi ka talaga nagsosour graping! pramis! bitter ka lang...jowk lang... hehehehhehehehe... hanap ka uli ng ibang shows... jejejejejeje

Anonymous said...

I Thing you are Wrong. The American Idol is One of the Best Reality show.I really Love To Watch American Idol.This is Great Talent Hunt Show.

Nova said...

I really don't like the season you are right, its boring and biased, i still have 2 contestant that hoping not to be eliminated scott and the widow guy...


Nebz said...

Here's my prediction. The two final contenders will be Adam and Kris Allen (ala' David Cook and David Archuleta -- a rocker and a balladeer).

Ultimately, Adam will win it.

Nalumbay din ako sa pagkawala ni Megan.

Ayoko talaga kay Go-OA-key.

Badong said...

haha. may pagka-bitter nga yung post ko. anyway, let's just hope for the best ng show. and i agree, i hope adam and kris meet in the finals.

gillboard said...

ako din... di ko gusto na nawala si Megan... matagal ko ng sinasabi, la kwenta mga contestant ngayon..

si Kris Allen lang gusto ko...

sakit sa tenga nung Adam...

enhenyero said...

Opposite naman ako, ngayon lang ako nahohook sa show na to, pero slight lang heheh

Millionaire@age20 said...

Hello po! At last, I have met a Filipino fan of Megan! I am a very big fan of Megan Joy too! Read my blog "The Million I See in Megan". It's a post about my love for Megan. I hope you comment at it too, MeganFan! Megan Fans UNITE! Plus, please sign up at at a petition for Megan to have an album! Thanks you so much!

Badong said...


Yes! Megan fans unite! actually marami tayong fan ni megan..hehe

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