Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Having Mild ADHD

So now I’m diagnosing myself.

No legitimate Psychologist has ever diagnosed me but ever since the term ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder’ (ADD for adults) lodged into my understanding, I hadn’t stopped thinking that I might have the disorder. For one thing, I manifest most of its symptoms, only less prominent. Besides, isn’t it grand to know that you are in the same boat as Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Phelps, Tom Cruise and all them others who have the same affliction?

Here are just some of the telltale signs of ADHD/ADD and the reasons behind this suspicion. Take note of them; you might have it as well. :

1. Inattention/ Lack of focus
You cannot place me at the back or beside the window of the classroom for I tend to forget that there’s an authority figure in front. Time limits are my worst enemy, ‘coz I have this inclination to shift my attention every 10 minutes or so (guess how long it took me to finish this article). I cannot seem to settle on whether I’ll finish the task I’m doing or watch TV or do another task or do yoga or sketch pictures or play badminton inside my room. I call it multi-tasking, though.

2. Impulsiveness
I am the most unassuming person you’d probably meet. I do unexpected and clearly unprompted acts in the most unexpected situations, e.g., slightly pulling the hair or clothes of whoever’s walking in front of me. Even I do not know why the hell I do that. Giving nasty side comments while someone —whoever that someone is— is voicing out his thoughts or opinions is an equally nasty trait that I have, something that I’m really working on.

3. Difficulty following instructions
This is the part that I hate most: when people think I’m fat-witted whenever I find it hard to follow a certain instruction that has been repeated for several times. For the record, I am far from being stupid. Only on certain occasions, though.

4. Being unorganized and Forgetfulness
My room is close to looking like Ground Zero whenever I’m working on something like a school project or even writing an article for this blog. I also mastered the art of cramming for assignments, minor projects, and even reviewing for short quizzes; things like these, for some reason, easily escape my mind (except for instances that I really feel slothful doing them). I remember buying an organizer once but it didn’t work for long. I always forget that I have it in my bag.

5. Restlessness/ Fidgetiness
If Devon Sawa has Idle Hands, then I have Idle Feet. If my parents have no love for me, they might have amputated me a long time ago. It’s either because I can’t seem to stay firm on one place or I can’t seem to help my feet from doing…things. And seriously, I’m really, really worried that I might have ADHD/ADD…



Leo Mar said...

Hmmm Good thing I don't have most of the signs. Anyway, this is a very informative post.:)

Mokong™ said...

Nice one badong..good thing is wala din akong sign ng kahit alin sa mga yan...

Vlad said...

I'm slightly like item number 3. I prefer instruction to be given at once and with clear details.

Does it mean im also having mild ADHD. lol.

gillboard said...

sintomas ko rin yan... hehehe

Badong said...

LEOMAR: naku buti naman at may natutununan din kayo kahit papano sakin. Hehe

MOKONG: haha. Kung masaya ko kung sakaling may adhd talaga ko.

Badong said...

VLAD: naku magpa-psych test ka na rin! Lol

GILLBOARD: haha. Pero mas maraming nagsasabing adik ako kesa may adhd.

I am Xprosaic said...

yehey! buti na lang wala akong ganyan... jijijijijijiji inborn adik lang ako...yehey! jijijijiji

Badong said...

XPROSAIC: haha! Ako muhang pinagsama e. adhd at adik.

Nobe said...

then my 1 yr 8 mos toddler has ADHD too. aaaarghh!


Badong said...

NOBE: haha! naku parang lumalabas isip bata lang ako. hehe

Donald Serrano said...

parang ganun din ako ah. ahehe

Badong said...

DONALD SERRANO: haha! Pare-pareho tayo!

Anonymous said...

OMG Badong! I have these symptoms. So does that mean I have it?

Badong said...

SOLACE: naku! Ang dami na pala natin. Mas malala pa ata to sa h1n1.hehe

ceblogger said...

ADD for adults reminds me of someone at work. hmmmm. won't expound na lang. hehe.

Badong said...

CEBLOGGER: naku, i-secret na lang natin yan. H ehe

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