Monday, October 12, 2009

Badong Updated

The past two weeks have been totally different for me. And with the current flow of events, it seems that this divergence will continue on for a little while. For instance, I’ve been on idle mode doing blog-hopping or even logging in on Facebook (since some of my close friends are still gravely affected by the flooding that they have no time to go online at all). And add the case of the rotating blackouts in Metro Manila that causes me even more sleepless nights. But apparently, it’s just a phase, so they say. I’m slowly returning to my usual self again. For now, here are some quick updates sa buhay ni Badong:


Yes, not brownouts. One thing that I’ve learned finally is the difference between black out and brownout. I know for a fact that the former refers to total electricity outage (the one Filipinos fondly call ‘brownout’), but I never seem to know the latter’s exact definition. The case is it completely slips out of my mind once electricity recommences and I only remember it once there’s another case of brown, err, blackout. And two straight nights of complete darkness seemed to engrave the task of researching in my cranial region so now I am proud to announce that ignorance is not my best friend.

New Header

I’ve been thinking of changing my header for so long now but my friend Procrastination tells me to do it some other time. And so I didn’t object. So for a while, I let other bloggers think that my blog’s name is Sino Si Badong? rather than Bahay Ni Badong. And I actually received two awards and one nomination under that mistaken blog name. Shame. At least it didn’t make the recognitions invalid.


I shamelessly nominated some of my entries in the Top Ten Posts of the Year category of the third Philippine Blog Awards. Luckily, two of them qualified as finalists.

“To see my name in the lists of nominees alone is a great honor already.” – [put actor’s/actress’ name here.]

It’s actually true, those things you see and hear on TV. Before, I thought it was a tad hypocritical of those people to say that they are totally happy to not win an award. That being nominated alone is a feat to cherish already. Of course, who wouldn’t want some recognition? Who wouldn’t want to bag those trophies, those medals home with them? Are they serious?

And then being put in their own shoes makes me realize that yes, they are serious.

When I saw my posts in the list of finalists I felt sudden surge of euphoria ran thru my spine. My initial reaction was, ‘SERIOUSLY?!’ And it’s also somewhat true that once you see who you’re competing with, you wouldn’t really expect that you could win. Nakakatakot, I said to myself when I read some of the entries. All of them are so well written and some are in fact done by pro-bloggers. But, it would also make me a big hypocrite if I say that I did not hope that I could win. Optimism doesn’t hurt, you know. It attracts positive vibes, too, hehe.

But I did not win. But it’s totally OK. I admit it’s heart-breaking, as I said who wouldn’t want some recognition? But then again, it’s a start. A sign for me to do well, to do better. And it’s not about the recognitions anymore, but a task for self improvement.

By the way, another loads of thanks to Kuya Nebz of Isla de Nebz and Mar of Taympers for telling me that I am one of the finalists. I don’t visit the PBA site that often, you see.


Amidst the blackouts and the awards, I learned one valuable thing: Always remember to save your work every minute. You’ll never know when MERALCO will cut your electricity.


I am Xprosaic said...

Ahahahhahahah... blackouts... jijijiji pero gusto ko ang underlying statement mo ah... nagsimula sa defecation... jijijijijij


Mokong™ said...

2nd base... haba ng updates ah... gusto ko din yung new template mo...simple lang...

Lord CM said...

Try mo UPS pre, para may time ka mag SAVE :D

Vajarl said...

I can't agree more about the Control + S part. I had to learn that the hard way. Tsk.

Congrecheleychens Badong sa paglanding sa Top 10 posts! Wala akong kamalay malay sa mga ganyang bagay pero kengrecheleyshens paren! Haha. :)

Home Loans said...

I was really looking for this kind of information. Thanks to the blog owner for sharing this kind of post.

pmm012 said...

sa tingin ko, mas maaliwalas ang bagong look ng blog mo...

welcome back!

ako mas importante sa kin ang Ctrl+Alt+Del.... lagi kasing nghahang tong laptop ko! hahah.

gege said...

panu yan...
hindi na
'sino si badong'...
la lang.
lalong nagmukhang seryoso site mo, which is...
seryoso naman talaga.
kaya pala!!!
kaya pala!!!
narinig ko sayo yung 'PBA' awarding...
minsan iniisip ko...
CLOSE ba talaga tayo?
o di lang tayo open...

matagal ata tayong di magkikita...

sana mamiss mo 'ko... ay!!! kami..!
well, napakadami mo namang napagkakaabalahan...
di bale, SEE YOU! ^-^

(parang di magkagroup sa research...)


jan geronimo said...

Badong naman. Bakit defecations? Bat di na lang diarrhea? Ahehehe. Joke lang, friend.

Akala ko nakidnap ka na ng aliens. Tagal mo nawala. Days lang ba? Basta matagal na rin iyon.

Yaan mo na yang PBA na yan. Weather weather lang iyan. At least di ka nagthrow ng tantrum like someone who did not win in his category. Ahahahaha. Ay ayoko, tsimis na ito. Bat ko ba nasabi yun.

You're a winner to your friends and fans, Badongskie. That's all that matters.

Here's to a toast to Control S. ",)

siyetehan said...

tama ka sa control s na yan.

maraming napamura dito sa ofc when the electricity suddenly went off.

Leomar said...

I like the new header. Congrats na rin sa nomination mo sa PBA.

I am Xprosaic said...

Ahahahahahaha ano yan?! may namumuo bang issue sa inyo ni gege?! ahahahahahahha... pwede! jijijijiji...

Nobe said...

badongskie, mas type ko ang header mo ngayon. very elegant ha. hehe. :)

Random Student said...

Welcome back sa BNB. Parang bahay ko daw LOL! Anyway, dyahe nga ang brownouts. I get to appreciate malls 'pag meron. Congrats for being a finalist there. I'd love to have you win sa personal awards night ko haha!

mr.nightcrawler said...

naki-basa ako ah. nga pala.. ako rin, hanggang ngayon eh nalilito rin sa pagkakaiba ng brown-out sa black-out :P hehe

Nobe said...

the funny thing is, during the height of bagyong ondoy, the first thing i thought about was.. "paano na ang mga computer files ng mga taong iyon? mawawala na lahat?" toinks!


Traveliztera said...

I don't know if my comment was posted because the notification did not show up so I'll comment again hahahhaa...

Hey, congrats with the nominations! That's really awesome! I hope you'd win! :) Yeah, winning is sooo fulfilling... :D Kahit nga nominee lang super wowww right? Haha so congrats!!! :D Ahh yeah... Ctrl+S = fave keys hahaha... Buti nalang sa blogger may autosave but of course sometimes u do have to make those entries offline hahaha. Bestfriend ko na rin sina Ctrl at S hahahaha...

elmot said...

Natawa naman ako sa huli CTRL S, wahahhaha!

Sakit ko rin yan, maski given na iyon eh nakakalimutan pa rin.

wait, kelangan ko pa pang i-CTRL S itong comment ko ehehhe!

wait said...

CTR + S' importante tlga yan! : )
congrats for being one of the finalist.
Love the new Header.
SIMPLE pero may Dating. APir!

Keep on Bloggin'!

Roy said...

Nice update Badong!

napansin ko na rin yun sa header mo dati, pero nakatatak na sa akin ang Bahay nin Badong at ang dating sa akin nun dati e parang intro o welcome page.

Congrats sa nomination. Ok lang di manalo, at least napansin. Ang dami kayang di man lang na-nominate - kasama na ako dun :(

take your time Badong, andito lang naman ang blog mo at mga blogging buddies mo.

I am Xprosaic said...

Naks! alang reactions ah... jijijiji... ayaw ata pagusapan ang sa kanila ni gege... jowk! jejejejjejej

filmtub said...

Nice post! Don't change your header, it's looking good!

I am Xprosaic said...

Ahahahahhahahahhaha... ala lang... alam na... jijijijijiji

vonfire said...

Hello Badong!...i know marami ka na nito pero sana kunin mo rin award ko sa yo!...tnx! :D

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