Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grave Talk

I was a bit preoccupied doing other pointless stuff these past few days so it was gravely shameful to admit that I have little idea of what’s going on this country for quite a while now. Finally last night, I decided to watch the entirety of 24 Oras to refresh my awareness. I was expecting to hear usual stuff like rice shortages or another MMDA demolition job but I was thinking frivolously. It was far worse than I expected. The following are of grave impact to me:

· Oil price hikes (Again?). This topic was actually brought up by one of my Korean students yesterday and I almost cursed him for doing so. Of all the news have I been hearing everyday, this is one of those that have less importance to me. I don’t have a speck of an idea on oil trading or this controversial Oil Deregulation Law. What the hell do I care about oil prices? Why should I give a damn when I don’t even have my own car yet? It was just then that it finally sank into me why it is one of the root causes of the corrosion of this economy. And that I am gravely embarrassed of.
· Inflation rate had shot up to 8.3% this month. Talk about economics here. I actually have veeery minimal knowledge of this subject (that I am not embarrassed to admit) -- thanks to my carcinogenic professor—but as far as I know, inflation is the general large increase in the prices of goods and services. And 8.3% as compared to last month's 6.4%? That only means the prices are enjoying their stay there on top of the bar graph with our mothers’ purses suffering.
· MERALCO’s Systems Loss Charges. Now what the funk is this? I’m sorry but as what my simple mind comprehended it, this über egoistical electric company will now start putting up charges on the ‘lost’ money we, people are not even accountable for. I don’t give a damn whether it is acceptable by the law or not for in the end it will remain UNFAIR. Not to mention the plethora of taxes imposed on electricity alone. PoTAXteng buhay to…

Unfortunately I can do nothing right now save to throw rants and get peeved by our condition. I cannot totally blame the malfunctioning government for everything. Whose fault is it anyway but us? Who put that wicked liliputian in the high seat in the first place? WE did! For the reason that we though of her as the ‘lesser evil’ back then. What we forgot to consider is no matter how ‘less’ of an evil she is, she will always remain EVIL. It is our impatience that caused us our misery and now we have to bear the grave consequences.