Friday, May 9, 2008


On predictions

Consistent with my clairvoyant powers, it did not came as a big surprise to me that David Cook had a hard time last night on American Idol. Particularly giving him a pretty hard press was Randy Jackson. I don’t know dog, but Randy’s really been critical with all the contestants this season (save for little Archuleta; he’s a fan, dog). I’m not sure if he’s imply not satisfied with their performances or if he sees something special with these bunch of newbies. But either way, criticisms all equate to improvement, if taken constructively.

On eating my words

“You did not beat the competition. You crushed the competition.” These words from Simon Cowell directed towards David Archuleta should have gotten the ire of me but surprisingly it did not. Apparently, the competition he was referring to was DC, who, despite delivering solid performances last night seemed to share an uneasy, awkward moment for the entire show (blame it on Randy, guys…hehe). On the other hand, DA did not totally wowed me, but I can’t agree more that he really did out sung The Great DC.

[Hey, DC was pressured, man. Besides, he was the first one on stage. Noticed that show-starters are almost always part of the bottom group?]

On reminders

Before the show ends host, Ryan Seacrest reminded the voting public of the nostalgia that was in the past seasons. Mentioning the names of Tamyra Gray and Chris Daughtry, he reminded the people that it is not enough to be confident about your bets. One can never be so sure. So vote for David Cook!