Saturday, May 3, 2008

Will It Be David Cook's Time to Leave?

I’m a bit worried ‘bout David Cook for next week’s episode of American Idol. As what Seacrest mentioned, next week’s theme would be Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. At first anyone would think that DC will have a big edge above everyone else ‘coz it definitely is his niche. However, there’s this BIG possibility that it would turn out to be otherwise. Chances are his performance would be too overrated. C’mon, it’s rock ‘n roll, no wonder all eyes and all ears will be tuned in to DC, wondering if he would be able to pull away from the stalwart marks that rock legends left before us. How will he be able to do something different to something that he makes to be different? I don't know. Only he knows It is now his duty to create the most unexpected of all the unexpected. Talk about pressure!

Well, all I can say is good luck DC! People of America: vote WISELY!