Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goodbye and Thank You

I woke up today with high hopes for this brand new day. It was a little bit gloomy, though, as it has been raining for hours now. I turned on the Internet to check for some updates when I found this very depressing news: Corazon Aquino, Philippines president, dead at 76 (AP).

I stared in front of the monitor in wide-eyed disbelief. Tita Cory, the good, passionate, demure and strong-willed woman who once governed this country has now surrendered to her true master. Then I instantly knew the reason behind the gloomy weather. The heavens must have been mourning for her too.

A lot of public figures have retreated to their final resting place already but none of them had blown such an impact on me than Tita Cory. How could someone be so lovely, so full of heart and so gracious like her be gone? Siguro totoo nga yung kasabihan na “Kapag masamang damo, matagal mamatay”. Tita Cory is far from being one.

I want to keep this post short. And as a final salvo, I want to say, thank you President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. THANK YOU.


I am Xprosaic said...

Naks! kaso mas nauna sa akin sa balita kaysa sa blog eh... jijijijiji

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

yea, we are all mourning

Kosa said...

ako din nagulat. sabi-sabi kase sa mga balita stable ang lagay nya.

pero ganun talaga ang buhay.
may she rest in peace!

Roy said...

she will always be remembered

may she rests in peace....


Indeed goodbye and thank you tita cory, your legacy will live on

Abaniko said...

Today is indeed a day of mourning for freedom-loving Filipinos.

Mokong™ said...

Paalam sa tanging Ina ng ating kalayaan...

Badong said...

XPROSAIC: pag bukas ko ng yahoo ito agad yung bumungad sakin.

JOYCE: the whole world is mourning..

Badong said...

KOSA: oo nga e. pero ayoko kong mag-tunog negative pero nung dumadalas yung mga pryer vigil sa kanya parang nararamdaman ko ng malapit nna..

ROY: amen..

ENHENYERO: yes, she will always be remembered.

Badong said...

ABANIKO: nakakalungkot talaga. hindi pa ko na-deperess sa pagkamatay ng taong di ko kilala tulad ngayon.

MOKONG: nawa'y dumami pa ang mga simbolo ng demokrasya sa bansa. tulad niya.

jan geronimo said...

I felt the same way about Tita Cory, Badong. I couldn't have said it any better.

D. Sytangco quoted Cory as saying she'd been known as Ninoy's wife, Kris's mother, and lola to Joshua and other apo.

I dare say you're more than this to us, Tita Cory. You're more than this...

You've passed on, but you stay in our hearts and minds. Perhaps that's what immortality is all about.

And that's true, Badongskie. Even here in Oriental Mindoro it rained all day. And when the downpour let up, it was very gloomy outside.

gillboard said...

The Philippines do owe a lot to Cory.

Badong said...

JAN: very well said jan. very well said. Tita Cory is more than what some people deem her to be.

GILLBOARD: yes, we do. sana lang hindi tayo makalimot.

isladenebz said...

Pareho din dito ang reaksyon. I was on my way to the office when someone from the Philippines texted that Tita Cory passed away. Nalungkot kami lahat.

Let's think of it this way: With utmost certainty, she has gone to somewhere far, far better.

This thought should make us all joyful for her.

zorlone said...

Tita Cory was a very special Politician. Her faith in the teachings of the Church and her will power to fight for democracy and freedom of our country has made her an hero in the hearts of all pinoys.


Badong said...

NEBZ: that's exactly what I'm thinking.

DOC Z: amen! truly,she will forever live our hearts

elmot said...

Sana nga hindi lang natin xa maalala ngayung lamay at burol... sana simula ngayun ay maalala natin yung importance ng pinaglaban nya sa lahat ng ating gagawin for our nation esp on choosing our leaders.

Badong said...

ELMOT: I agree! sabi ko nga, may her legacy live until time without end.,

Ron Centeno said...

Salamat Tita Cory...ang ina ng kalyaan natin.

reyjr said...

the heavens are mourning indeed. pero despite the rains, the people still came out to give their love and goodbyes to our former President.

gege said...

siguro alam mo na, na maybe next year gagawin january 25 will be Cory Aquino day... not quite sure! lam mo naman ako... medyo malabo ako umintindi minsan. haist. di ganun kalaki ang impact sakin ni Cory... la lang. pero gulantang din ako nung may nagtxt sakin na wala na sya. i guess, marerealize mo na lang talaga na apektado ka kapag nasa point na huli na lahat. wooOOOOhuuu! me ganun? taray ni Kris Aquino Yap... super iyak. haist. sa bagay! 'salamat. Cory.'

Nobe said...

@badong: sana hindi masayang ang mga pininaglaban ni tita cory kahit wala na in peace madam.


Leomar said...

Hi Badong, sensya na ngayon lang uli napadaan. Kahit na alam kong di na magtatagal ang buhay ni Cory dahil sa colon cancer, nagulat pa rin ako at nalungkot nang mabalitaan kong patay na sya. She's very special not only because she was the first female president of the Philippines but because she led by example and with compassion.

May she rest in peace...

Jerick (the former Curbside Puppet) said...

most dignified burial i've ever seen.

Badong said...

salamat sa lahat ng mga nag-comment. let's be happy for tita cory. she's with her soulmate na.

karoger said...

padaan. :)

karoger said...

inadd kita sa blogroll ko kuya ah. :))

Badong said...

KAROGER: aba, salamat!

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

i am assuming that you too is still mourning that's why you don't have any new post

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