Monday, April 14, 2008


Last Friday, after I arrived from work, I immediately retreated to my hell-ventilated room to have some good siesta. I turned on my TV and switched the channel to NBN 4. I was expecting to see another taped match of the Shakey’s V-League but apparently that was not the case. Instead, what took its place for the moment was an awarding ceremony in Malacañang with the title, Noli de Castro Academic Excellence and Exemplary Leadership Awards. Intrigued, I decided to stick to the show.

Apparently, the ceremony was, as the name suggests, intended to recognize the twelve most outstanding public high school graduates who outstandingly exemplified the core principles of academic excellence and leadership (Actually, I’ve always been imagining myself to be in a position similar to them and I’m proud to say that this dream has been fulfilled…in my imagination again *sigh*).

As I listen to the student awardees deliver their speeches, I can’t help but…laugh. Bombarding each sentences with highfalutin words, putting into use every idiomatic expression and figure of speech possible -- a typical high school literary work, that’s what I got from those smart and talented kids (Hey, I’m just months older than the legal age, OK?). High school na high school ang dating. Just makes me burst with laughter. Just makes me remember myself.

Guilty? Haha.