Wednesday, April 16, 2008

World Voice Day

Today is World Voice Day (yep,I mentioned it in the title, obviously), the day where all the people in the world should celebrate and take care of the so-called spoken voice. Ideally, I should be conserving my precious voice right now. But here I am talking to Koreans, teaching them the enigmas of the international language, which only a few of them seem to absorb.

Hey, I’m not trying to imply a discriminatory remark here. I’m simply stressed out lately.

Right now I just want to go out in an open field and jump as high as I can and then let out a big SCREAM! But then I thought it would do no good to my delicate voice box either *sigh*.

Hmmm…guess I’ll just show off my vocal prowess by belting out MCR’s I’m Not Okay then. That would be a better stress-reliever. I think.

Have a happy World Voice Day to all!