Wednesday, April 9, 2008


At last after two weeks of having back pains and severe eyestrains due to sitting right in front of the PC monitor for almost eight hours a day, I finally got what I was dying for—my first salary. Well not a salary exactly but that's how I want to consider it. It was actually my training allowance equated to two weeks of training minus one day of absence. The entire amount—P 2,870.00—all in cold hard cash placed in a small brown envelope and sealed with a kiss (pretty old fashioned, huh?). Of course it would be more ideal for me if it was in ATM, but who cares?! It is money right there at the palm of my hands! No matter how small it is it’s still MONEY! It’s the fruit of that oh-so-large-but-still-growing-bigger eye bags procreated by my early morning madness. Now I can buy anything I want without the discretion of my parents! Woohoo!

I have one grave problem, though:

I don’t want to spend my money at all! Urgh!


[Lesson: Having no money is hard. But having more money than usual is a lot harder.]