Monday, April 21, 2008


The fish will always be caught through its mouth.

Upon the declaration of her Tita Anna’s decision to leave the PBB house, Kuya’s little pet imp, Josef, openly wept in front of the other housemates. Apparently, according to fatso, the main reason behind this devastatingly irritating bogus weeping is he is sooo concerned about her aunt’s physical and emotional well-being. Yeah, and I'm George Clooney.

Aha! But here’s the catch. During last Saturday’s episode, where he was allowed to talk to his father regarding the matter, Josef overtly expressed his rants about his Tita Anna’s decision. He almost—almost—condemned her aunt for not considering all the hardships he had partaken just to get inside the big yellow house, for thinking only of herself and not his own sake. So he really is concerned—not for her aunt, but for his own goodwill.

The truth, though impliedly stated, was already revealed. And it came straight from the big fish’s mouth.