Monday, April 14, 2008

Lasalista Pala Si Big Brother

I hate it. The favoritism. The just hate it.
From the very first season of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) up to its latest offering, favoritism has been circulating inside the “most famous house in the world”, producing the likes of Kim Chiu and Wendy Valdez, unworthy and irritating.

So who’s the latest ‘Kuya’s pet’? I really don’t have to say that it’s Josef cause it’s straightforwardly obvious (just count the number of his appearances as compared to the other housemates and you’ll see). So much attention was being given to him. Almost every special task was assigned to him; he already had one long before his feet touch the concrete outside the house! Even the micro-miniest of all tasks such as calling a housemate or watching others perform while they do a task was being give to him! Aren’t there any housemates inside? And I wouldn’t mention how the fat imps attitude irks me to death!

Man, too much exposure and too bad attitude, means he MUST leave. NOW.

OK. Now everybody’s mad at me.