Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of Christmas

Today's September 1. There's nothing so significant about this date except that for us Filipinos it's officially the start of Christmas!

Oh yes, it's the 'Ber' months once again. I haven't even gotten over last year's celebration and here we go again preparing to give gifts to our dear ones (save for those compulsory 'exchange gift' ceremonies in school or at work). Oh well, Christmas has always been my favorite season of all. I don't know, I just love the peaceful and engaging vibe it carries whenever it arrives. As if there are no problems in the world, like we didn't suck at the Olympics or as if there hasn't been any turmoil in Mindanao.

But times do change, though. During these past few years, I've noticed that the celebrations intended to remember Christ's natal day had slightly decreased in 'intensity' (here in our neighborhood at least). As if every thing's delayed.

If the cool Christmas breeze which usually comes weeks before December is a student, it could have been expelled for tardiness and absenteeism. Seriously, I cringe at the idea that it's the Christmas season yet I wake up in the morning all sweaty. But once it gets cold, it really is cold. Urgh,that global warming!

The carolers seem to be not in the mood for jamming as well. Sometimes three songs is enough (including the infamous We Wish You A Merry Christmas which has become sort of a requirement for some reason) for them to shout 'Namamasko po!'. I don't know, maybe they're just saving their golden voices for tomorrow's gig.

Christmas lights are also making their own disappearing act. Save for our neighbor who puts Christmas lights even on their dog house, people seem to be content putting up one one set of these decorative doodads. Maybe they're just being safe and they don't want to get caught on fire. But most probably it's because of their blowing electric bills.

But despite all these, it is still undeniable that, for so many reasons, Christmas is still the most joyful time of the year. There are the colorful Christmas lanterns, the snowmen (without the snow), the puto-bumbong, the tyangge along the Marikina River, the gifts!, Noche Buena, Santa Claus, and of course, World Peace who visits so rarely. This sounds trite already but I seriously wish it's Christmas everyday.

Wanna be one of the first to greet you this -- Have a Happy Christmas!