Thursday, September 4, 2008

To Ana Ivanovic

I know you've been through a lot lately. Being world's number one? Man, that's no joke. All eyes are fixed on you. Criticisms flock here and there, it's the world against you. You against yourself. And I completely understand that.

Yes, let's admit it, though you definitely have the makings of being a top seeded player, let's just say you reached that spot where you are right now by default, with Justine Henin's early retirement and all. So suddenly you're there, to the spot everyone's dying to get. Only quite abrupt. Earlier than expected. And now you're pressured to excel, to do better than everyone else.

But you're just human. You're not perfect. You have flaws. People have to understand that. You have to understand that. So don't feel depressed or anything just because you're not performing well lately. It's not entirely your fault. Anyway, you're still the reigning French Open champion. That's a big leap. Use it to your advantage. Make it inspire you and not weigh you down. And c'mon, you're not even in your best form yet. Just imagine what you can do if you're in top shape. Jankovic and the rest must be shaking right now.

Remember this: You are great. And nobody can make you believe otherwise except you.


This also goes to the great Roger Federer. I know you've had a pretty rough year as well. But I guess nobody would dare disagree if I say that you are still by far the greatest person to ever – ever-- hold a racket. Show that butt-tugging Spaniard what he deserves. Way to go for both of you!