Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Survivor Philippines Kicks Off Today

Alas, after years of waiting the Philippines has finally come up with its own version of the US reality show Survivor which will start airing today at GMA 7. I am so overwhelmed with excitement right now for two big reasons: First, I am such a fan of the show. Big time. It's actually the main culprit why I can't seem to control myself from watching each and every reality show that I come across on TV. Talk about addiction. Second, unlike the original and the other franchise series, Survivor Philippines will be shown on a daily basis, which means expect a lot of deviations in terms of its episodes.
Why the change in format? Well, I can only come up with two possibilities. The first one is so that it can adapt to Philippine primetime TV since soap operas and other primetime shows here are being shown daily. The other one is to be able to compete with GMA's rival channel's franchise of another US reality show, Big Brother (though the latest season has already ended a couple of months ago). That's simply where Philippine TV revolves -- competition that is.
I can only assure you one thing. This is going to be one helluva trip.