Sunday, September 21, 2008

Intrigue, Drama and Romance in Survivor Philippines

Here is some of my views vis-à-vis the first week of Survivor Philippines:

As expected, a lot of changes in episode patterns were seen, focusing more on the castaways and the life and issues revolving around the tribes. On the first day alone, bonds were formed, real attitudes were shown and characters were tested. So much drama and so much emotion prevail.

One surprising highlight in the series is the early – as in EARLY – re-shuffling of the tribes. It happened on the third day, just before the Immunity Challenge kicked off. Old alliances were immediately broken and new posses were hastily yet carefully formed. And what’s even more surprising is that after the tribe switching, fresh romance instantly blossomed. Talk about active hormones.

But you know what made this franchise even more unique? It’s where the castaways base their votes on. It’s very noticeable even in other reality shows here. Instead of voting off the person whom they feel threatened of or whom they consider as the weakest link, people base their votes predominantly on two things: looks and social status.

The first one is given. People will always have a strong bias to people whom they are attracted to. The other one is something that really gets my ire.

I don’t know, probably Filipinos are generally sympathetic so they’d rather choose those who belong to the lower ranks of the society than those whom they refer as “already has a future”. For crying out loud, if that’s what’s on their frame of mind, why not ask the producers of these shows to just pick those who belong to the slum areas who are more ‘deserving’. Thankfully, people learn to grasp the real essence of these shows during the latter stages.

My overall rating: EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS.